Elementary School Overview

Dan's exciting assemblies are 45 minutes in length or can tailored to meet a specific time schedule. His programs are designed to impact students in such a way that they will think differently when they leave than when they came in. The cutting-edge teaching techniques he uses will make it easy for students to understand what it truly means to become a Champion in Life.

Watch the entire student body cheer and encourage each other one minute and be absolutely quiet and controlled the next. Dan takes what he does very seriously which is why his programs continue to be widely endorsed and nationally recognized as teachers call his character-building messages "the most influential assembly in the country."

Dan's Programs

CHOOSE 2 B A CHAMPION ©: This presentation is geared for the entire student body and focuses on age-old character traits such as Obedience, Respect (for authority and peers), Positive Attitude, Bullying and more. This program continues to be a school favorite as students walk away challenged and encouraged knowing that Champions in Life are those who make wise choices. They will also come to recognize the principle that they win or lose by how they choose! Dan can also tailor a message to address specific challenges schools may be experiencing.

BAD CHOICES GROW INTO BAD HABITS AND BAD HABITS DESTROY: This powerful presentation is geared for the entire student body and focuses on the importance of staying drug and alcohol free. Dan illustrates how the cycle of negative peer pressure can lead a student to make a bad decision and how that bad decision, if not dealt with, can become a bad habit. The result of bad habits can destroy our lives and those around us. This presentation fits well with Red Ribbon Week!

THE MAKING OF A CHAMPION: Statistics reveal the average young person in America spends on average about 43 minutes reading per day. This presentation is geared for a classroom size setting and focuses on becoming Champions in Life with the emphasis placed on reading and writing. The students will discover that their lives are like a book and how their choices in life parallel the writing of a story. In the process, they will better appreciate and understand the importance, significance and impact daily reading can bring to their lives!

New this year is Dan's exciting PE Basketball Clinic. Dan combines his expertise in the game of basketball with his passion to equip and empower students with the skills necessary to succeed in the game of life! After having Dan conduct a character-building assembly for the entire student body, he now is available to work in your PE classes for the remainder of the day.

During the assembly students will be amazed at Dan's skill with the basketball and then have the opportunity to receive his personal instruction in their very own PE class. This allows Dan to follow-up material covered in his assembly and teach the FUNdamentals of basketball while further implementing character-development within the students.

Work Ethic
Respect for Authority
Positive Self-Image
Cardio Workout

We continue to hear from schools telling us their students wish Dan could have stayed longer. Here is that opportunity! Dan is now offering an 'After-School Basketball Camp.'

Dan will conduct a 1-hour camp upon the completion of the school day. Students will experience fast-paced basketball instruction, while developing further character disciplines in their lives. This camp is open to boys and girls in grades 3 - 5 with limited enrollment.

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“Mr. Wetzel is an outstanding speaker/entertainer! He captivated our audience from start to finish! I'd have to rate him as a top-notch speaker!”

Jim Docter
Jefferson Elementary (Waupun, WI)

“This is one of the best programs that we have ever had at our school. It is entertaining and at the same time, it has character building components…Dan immediately captivates the audience. He gains their attention and never loses it. The children are held spellbound by h is tricks with the basketball and his methods of commanding crowd control.”

Joyce A. Bushey
Jesse Keen Elementary (Lakeland, FL)

“With Dan, basketball is the hook, his message a slam dunk!”

Paul Pellicani
PE Teacher
Severna Park Elementary (Severna Park, MD)

“Dan maintains excellent control over his audience. He is entertaining, well spoken, and delivers an excellent message to students.”

Jeanie Weidenbach
Windcrest Elementary (Windcrest, TX)

“Crowd participation was dynamic, and I now have students and teachers applying several new ideas they learned from Dan's presentation.”

Scott Oftedahl
JFK Elementary (Grafton, WI)